What is Achego Rescue Centre?

In 1978, CRWRF began supporting a children's home in Kenya; monies collected were sent to Foundation Help a Child (Stiching Red Een Kind,SREK-Holland) for this home to be built. For many years over 75 children have been cared for. Currently there are 45 children living at Achego.

In 2017, Achego started the process of transforming from a children's home (similar to an orphanage) into a “rescue centre”, where those currently living there have a temporary Christian home and new children are being admitted. Here they can receive physical, emotional, and spiritual care. The goal is that after some time they can be reunited with their families or caregivers.

Achego home provides its children with the following support:

  • Payment of school levies (taxes) 
  • Health Talks on topics that include personal hygiene, communicable diseases & HIV Aids
  • Provision of toiletries
  • Assistance in the re-integration of rescued children back into the community


  • Border conflict remains between local tribes – violence erupts sporadically. In 2016, four people were killed and hundreds of women and children flocked to the church & home for safety.
  • This area receives low rainfall. 
Prayer Requests

Border Conflicts

Transition of the children back to their families

For the strength of the staff to continue to work with the children and the families

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