What is the Tumaini Rescue Centre? 

CRWRF has supported the Tumaini Rescue Centre since 1991 and presently there are 45 children being cared for and supported through the sponsorship program. Representatives visit "our" homes on a regular basis and make recommendations for improvements. By training the local staff and community members, these centres will seek to increase visibility and community involvement in the care and support of orphans and vulnerable children.

Tumaini Rescue Centres efforts towards self sufficiency

  • Harvested maize, beans, Irish potatoes & fodder for dairy cows
  • Potatoes were planted for income generation & children's consumption
  • Dairy cows produced enough milk for consumption & surplus for sale


  • The community has not fully accepted the concept of foster & adoption
  • Church needs to take an active role in creating awareness in the community on adoption & foster care
Prayer Requests

Heavy Rainfail - causing mold on the crops

Marketing of last season’s maize was a challenge due to poor pricing and cartels