Project Overview

New Hope Foundation is an organization that provides care for orphaned, homeless or impoverished children by providing them with a home, physical care, education and life-skills. While at the same time exposing them to Christianity and spiritual training. Rev Edward and Femmy Dethan manage the home and the care of the children. 



West Timor- Indonesia


Project Start & Partners

We have been supporting them through Board of Mission Aid Smithville and New Hope organization since 2016


Project Details

In December 2016 CRWRF entered a three year partnership with New Hope Foundation (also known as "Yayasan Pendidikan Elpida"), in the Province of West Timor, in the Republic of Indonesia. We are supporting the construction of a Boy's and Girl's dormitory, as well as the sponsorship of orphans and educational bursaries. Pray for this partnership and the work being done in West Timor. 

  • What is involved within the project: 

·         Partnership with Board of Mission Aid Smithville

·         Children's rescue centre/orphans

·         95 sponsor children

·         11 staff

·         Children attend Elpida New Hope School




The Reformed Churches of Timor, New Hope and CRWRF through Pastor Ed Dethan and his Wife Femmy have provided physical relief in the forms of food, baby care and hygiene packages. 

They had a devastating Cyclone which has had a significant impact on the students living in the area. 

Covid has negatively impacted the people living in Timor physically and economically. Furthermore, schools were suspended in COVID and due to poor wifi it was difficult for the children to learn from home. 

The African swine flu wiped out thousands of pigs which came through West Timor. 

There has been little rain which means there is a loss of crops



How can you support this project?

Support the children in these homes by emailing us at or donating here

Prayer Requests

Pray for political stability for Timor so that everyone can live peaceably and in harmony with one another

Pray for economic stability for the country and the families at the school.

Pray that the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of the children so that they might have a strong faith.

Updates from our Field workers