Impact Statement

Mid 2016, East Songhor Sub Location was engulfed with a disaster which saw hundreds of families flee their homes, properties destroyed, cattle raided and lives lost as a result of border clashes. The families of Doris and Peter were victims of the disaster. Their houses were burned down and their household properties looted and destroyed. They were engulfed with a sense of hopelessness as they camped at Achego AIC Church. Doris is a widow who has eight children while Peter who is married to Nancy has two children. These children suffered greatly during the violence. Even as peace was restored, they only had in possession food and non-food items which were donated by different emergency response stakeholders including AICCAD. They had no houses to fall back to, but to seek shelter from neighbors.

CRWRF official’s visit to the victims in September was perhaps the beginning of restoration/ reconstruction of the duos livelihoods. She empathized with the families and hence authorized rebuilding of two houses for the two families to ensure that they return to normalcy. The two houses have since been rebuilt and the two families are very happy and appreciative for the support. To Doris, the construction came as a surprise which she did not expect or even dream about. 

“I am very happy and thankful to the Almighty God for what He has done for my family. I was not expecting to get such a nice house. I am very thankful to the project. This gift has come as a remembrance of my late husband who died on 23rd December and was hurriedly buried on 26th December 2010 which is the exact and the same time this house has been built. I am now safer with the steel door and windows put in this house and even with violence, my properties won’t be destroyed like before. I and my children will launch this house with prayers from my church members and thank God for the gift,” said a happy Doris.

Peter had this to say,’’ On behalf of my family, I take this chance to really thank the project for enabling us acquire a new house. We didn’t even anticipate to having such a house within this short period. We had plans to do odd jobs perhaps starting next year in March and save to buy construction materials but this has come as a miracle. I now believe that God our Father understand our problems and also has plans for us.  I and my wife will now work hard to make this house decent for God’s glory. I am happy again that my younger brother Clinton has also benefited from a sizeable house. Though he is currently looking for a job in Nairobi, he will be having a shelter whenever he comes back home.  He had bought some iron sheets and nails which he intended to use in putting a house but unfortunately, they were stolen during the clashes. I finally thank God for what He has done to our entire family.”