What is happening in Bangladesh?

Extreme violence and persecution in the western Rakhine State of Myanmar have caused more than 515,000 Rohingya people, an ethnic minority, to flee their homes in search of a safe haven.   Leaving almost all they own behind, the majority of those fleeing have crossed the border into Bangladesh. They have taken shelter in different Rohingya camps at Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh), in makeshift settlements, spontaneous new sites, and other host communities.

What is being done?

CRWRF provided funding assistance to World Renew, working with CFGB (Canadian Foodgrains Bank), as well as with many other international relief agencies (such as Integral Alliance partners like Tear Australia and Tear Switzerland). These provide immediate aid to refugees, in the form of both emergency food aid, as well as non-food items in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

World Renew and CFGB have responded with a $717,000 initiative to address the food needs of 3000 households (~18,000 beneficiaries) in Jamtoli camp, with 600 tonnes of food (mostly rice). World Renew and Integral Alliance partners have also provided essential non-food items to be used in IDP (Internally Displaced Person) camps. The project cost is $100,000 and assists 2,000 families. The primary non-food items needed are tents, ropes, ground sheets, blankets, baby clothes, and WASH (Water And Sanitation for Health) items (soap, buckets, sanitary items), and cooking stoves.

CRWRF Contribution: $40,000


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