Canadian Reformed World Relief Fund
PO Box 85225, Burlington ON, L7R 4K4

What is being done?

This project started by SREK (Red een Kind, Help a Child) in Holland focuses on building economic and social capacity to care for orphans and vulnerable persons. Projects focus on teaching communities how to help themselves and address the root causes of poverty. About 300 families are attached to the Tamu project working in groups of 10 - 20 people who meet weekly to support and learn from each other. They do individual and group projects such as animal husbandry, setting up small trading stands, etc. It is hoped that after 5 years the community can be self-sustaining. Assistance is given in the form of small loans to start small businesses, lessons in hygiene, health, good farming techniques, crops, etc. The self-help groups are community structures that link the community to other institutions for support and can be used to lobby for community services.

To support this type of program, sponsors will be linked with a family who will serve as a community ambassador, a representative of their community who communicates with the individual sponsors about the progress of the program. Twice a year sponsors receive a letter or card from the ambassador telling how the program is impacting individual children and their families. The cost at this point is $30.00 per month.

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