Project Overview

A community development project that focuses on building economic and social capacities for families in the region of Busia.  Self help groups work together to learn about good farming, hygiene, health and business. 


This project is located in Busia, a region in the Western side of Kenya. It is known as the gateway to East and Central Africa as it is a county located on the western border of Africa. Lake Victoria is located at the bottom of the county and there are a number of rivers which run through the area. Many who live in the area farm for a living. Approximately 66.7% of people living in Busia live in poverty.  

Project Start & Partners

CRWRF has been supporting this Busia project starting in 2021. CRWRF was supporting the Busia project through REK (Red een Kind/Help a Child) a sponsorship organization in the Netherlands and AICCAD (African Inland Child and Community Agency for Development) which is the organization walking along the Busia community on the ground.


Project Details

The programs which AICCAD provide focus on teaching each other how to help themselves and how to address the root causes of poverty. CRWRF supports approximately 100 families working in groups of 10 -20 people who meet weekly to support and learn from one another. Their programs focus on: 

  • Animal husbandry, farming techniques, and crops.
  • Setting up small trades
  • Loans for small business
  • Hygiene & health lessons

The community groups are also linked institutions so they can build an interconnected support system. 







1. 56 Self-Help groups have been formed

2. 30 Children's groups have been formed

3. 15 Positive Parenting Groups have been formed

4. AICCAD Staff has learned about the Busia community, government and existing NGOs.

Communities are facing the harsh realities of COVID, political tension and child marriages.


How can you support this project?


Sponsor a family as they go through the community development program by emailing Ruth Gelms at or donating here.


Prayer Requests

Pray that the start of the project goes well.

Pray that the small groups will work well together and learn from one another.

Pray that through the projects the gospel might be spread.

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