What is happening?

The conflict in Syria has resulted in one of the worst humanitarian and displacement crises in decades, forcing more than 5.2 million Syrians across borders and displacing an estimated 6.3 million internally.  Countries in the region, including Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt, continue to host the vast majority of Syrian refugees. At present Syrian refugees have no opportunity for safe and sustainable return to Syria and they suffer from the exhaustion of personal resources and the deterioration of living conditions in host countries after five years of conflict. Resources are also increasingly strained in host countries where the majority of refugees still remain, including Lebanon.





What is CRWRF doing? 

For some time, CRWRF has provided repeated funding through World Renew, working with local partner LSESD (Lebanese Society for Educational & Social Development ) and local churches, to provide on-going assistance to the most vulnerable (mothers with very small children) Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

This project is targeting vulnerable Syrian refugee families with infants and young children, helping them to maintain their wellbeing by supporting their nutritional status and proper hygiene. For six months, the project will provide 230 families per month with two bags of milk two bags of diapers. The beneficiaries are families who are part of LSESD’s ongoing food programming and require support to meet additional critical needs of infants and children. The project also provides secondary benefits including support of local suppliers as well as capacity building with LSESD’s community partners, which enables them to better address the needs of their communities.The focus of the project is two-fold, meeting the following pressing needs that were identified during monitoring feedback from beneficiaries and LSESD’s community partners who serve them:

    • Milk – this is of critical importance to families with young children in their key developmental stage and is prohibitively expensive.

    •  Diapers – this basic hygiene necessity is also unaffordable for many refugee families with infants and small children. (Disposable diapers are distributed because cloth diapers are impractical due to water shortages and/or poor drying conditions.)

In Lebanon, Syrian refugees are particularly vulnerable because there are no refugee camps where they can live for free, and there are severe restrictions on work, limiting livelihood opportunities and making it almost impossible for families to cover their basic needs autonomously.



How to support this project


Support this project by emailing Becca Mpindi at relief@crwrf.ca  or signing up here


Prayer Requests

Pray that the refugees might find safety and food

Pray that children might have the nutrition they need

Pray that the gospel might be spread through the community of refugees and those suffering from this crisis.

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