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What is happening?


On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine by land, sea, and air, in an attempt to overthrow the Ukrainian government and take control of the country. These attacks came from the north, east, and south, where Russia has easiest access. Current reports are that more than 500,000 people have had to flee their homes.


Ukraine and Hungary

Support is being given directly on the ground but also to those in Hungary who are taking in those who are fleeing.

What is CRWRF doing?

CRWRF is partnering with Hungry For Life, an organization that has been working in Ukraine since 2004. Hungry for Life is building a team in Western Ukraine to be able to provide for an influx of refugees coming from the east of the country. At least ten churches in the Mukacheve area have volunteered to become refugee centers, each able to take 100 people. Refugees will be provided with shelter, food, clothing, and other immediate necessities. We are in discussions with our partners in the region for other opportunities to provide direct support to Ukrainians. We are also actively supporting sister churches in Hungary, as they implement the sending of care packages into Ukraine and care for displaced persons who have fled to Hungary to escape the war.


How to support this project

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Prayer Requests

Citizens may be able to live in peace and freedom and that there may not be any more unnecessary loss of life

Pray for Russia and Vladimir Putin and ask that God will turn their hearts away from evil and that he may see no benefit in his action and that he may have a heart for peace

Pray that the refugees find a safe place and will find solace in their new homes

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