What happened in Haiti?

 On Tuesday October 4th 2016, Hurricane Matthew (category 4 in the Saffir-Simpson Scale), the strongest hurricane in almost a decade swept through Haiti with winds of up to 230 km/h. Hurricane Matthew made landfall near Les Anglais before continuing northwards along the Windward Passage. The slow movement of the hurricane increased the rainfall associated, with up to 600mm registered causing widespread damage, flooding, and displacement across the island.

The area of Duchity, which is situated in the mountains between Les Cayes and Jeremie was particularly hard hit. Of the 3,000 homes in this mountain community, only 10 were not damaged or destroyed.  Not only were most of the homes impacted, but crops (both staples and vegetable) were swept away.Most families reported losing their animals as well.


What was done?

CRWRF provided funding to assist World Renew in their immediate emergency response.  This response is in cooperation with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB), which activates the 4:1 matching provision CFGB is able to provide.  In partnership with the local Haitian presence of FIDA (Foundation of International Development Assistance), the project provides aid in the south-western region of Haiti, in the districts of Sud and Grand’Anse.  These areas were the most severely affected by hurricane winds and flooding, and have seen the destruction of close to 100% of the homes and crops.

The project provided three months of food assistance and an immediate supply of seeds to 1,600 households in the area of Pestel in Grand’Anse.  Food assistance is critical to meeting short-term needs and negative coping strategies.  Corn and ban seeds allow farmers to plant short season crops, which can be harvested within a short period, three months.

The subsequent rehabilitation phase provided materials and construction assistance to 750 households, in recovery of durable shelter, mostly for roof replacement needs.

CRWRF Contribution: $51,700 (2016 Emergency Food Aid, and 2017 rehabilitation)



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