Summer 2018 Update - Achego

With great thankfulness to God our Heavenly Father, we can report the following based on a half year report CRWRF received:

  • The children received regular and adequate meals to ensure their desired growth and development. The farm produce including vegetables and milk from kitchen garden and dairy cow supplemented food and nutritional needs of the children.
  • A volunteer bought a dairy cow for the children so that the children could have access to milk. The Jersey cow is expected to produce approximately 15 litres of milk daily.  This volunteer also established a small poultry unit of 35 chickens so that the children may have access to eggs and meat.
  • All school aged children were able to go back to school at the beginning of the year- each of them having the materials and payments needed.
  • Children had access to preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care services when needed allowing them to maintain physically, mentally and socially healthy lives.
  • Other children who were rescued for short periods received outpatient services from the nearby dispensaries and health centre. All the children who suffered from malaria and other minor illnesses and injuries received medical attention promptly. Malaria was the common illness experienced by all the children at different times in the period. And on preventive and promotive services, the children received health talks on hygiene and sanitation and they also received adequate toiletries regularly to maintain their hygiene and sanitation.
  • Together with the responsible staff, the children conducted daily devotions to boost their spiritual being; they attended and participated actively through songs during Sunday services. They also participated in carrying out daily chores such as housekeeping, cleaning, food preparation, farm work under the guidance and supervision of staff and volunteers.

In child protection issues, we received and admitted 17 children in need of care and support referred from the court system.   Out of the 17 children, 10 had been reunified back with their families through a court process, the others are still being dealt with.  


Success Story

Elvis was an abandoned child who was rescued and admitted at Achego children’s home in 2013. His biological father had died before his mother got married to another man who then rejected him and other four siblings, and did not atend school regularly. Since he came to Achego he has been disciplined and has remained focused on his education. He is currently in grade eight and will be sitting for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam in November 2018. He is optimistic of gaining good marks that will allow him to attend a good secondary school. He has also been doing well in extracurriculum activities especially soccer where he represnted his school at the County level. A volunteer at Achego trained Elvis providing technical training, jerseys, soccer shoes, balls and other exercise materials. Elvis is hopeful of earning his living through sports in  the future, even travelling to other countries.




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