Türkiye have been devastated after facing a 7.8 magnitude earthquake earlier in February. More than 40,000 have been killed and many more have been injured as a result. The destruction is widespread, with thousands of buildings collapsed and entire communities facing the urgent need of protection.


CRWRF is working with partners in Lebanon with whom we have pre-existing relationships to lend our support there. As our support needs to be strategic, and we look for the most impact possible (relative to dollars sent), our partners in Lebanon are working to help with people who have faced challenges after the earthquake.


Please consider supporting this relief work - donations can be made here, or email relief@crwrf.ca for more information. 


We especially ask you uphold this situation and the already-vulnerable communities affected in your prayers, that the Lord will grant peace and protection to His people, and even through this, draw many closer to Himself.