February 2019 Update - Achego

Current Developments & Activities

Currently, the rescue home is participating in greenhouse farming, open air vegetable farming, dairy cow farming, and improved local poultry farming. The home also plants maize, beans, and fodder for the dairy cows in one acre of land that was donated to the home by a donor.

The home has been relying on rain water that is collected on the roofs of the buildings within the home and stored in water tanks. During the dry season when there is no rainfall, the home is given water in small rations by the nearby Achego Girls Secondary School.

Future Plans

There is still a need to rescue vulnerable children during the time when we work with their families to ensure that children are taken back to a safe environment. The home will continue to act as a safety net for vulnerable children in compliance with the government’s policy direction which advocates for children to be raised in families. The rescue home will continue to rescue the vulnerable children and unite the children back with their families after resolving the issues that led to their rescue.

The rescue home has been working closely with the CCCD program to ensure that caregivers are given relevant and adequate training to enable them become self reliant and able to care for their children. This has made the reintegration of rescued children a lot easier since through the CCCD program the community is trained on how to generate income and take care of their families without relying on external support. The community is also trained on different aspects of social values to improve the social fabric of the community.

For Reference

Achego is located in the Tamu location of Muhoroni Sub County, approximately 50 kilometers ast of Kisumu town and off Awasi Nandi Hills road.

The main objective of the home is to address the plight of children who are orphaned, destitute, abandoned, and neglected through provision of holistic care and support.

Since its inception, the home has been able to enroll children ranging from 4 – 10 years old. Presently, the home supports 50 girls and boys who attend primary & secondary education.  Services provided include: food & nutrition, health care, shelter, psychosocial support, child protection, and household economic strengthening.

The home is run by a management committee consisting of members from AIC local churches. Day to day running of the home is run by a team of five staff: a house manager, a social worker, a housemother, a cook and a watchman. The home also has many volunteers who help the children in different fields including counseling, life skills, and spiritual nurture. The home also has casual workers who mainly take care of the farm, cows and chickens.


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