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Fall 2019 Update - Achego Resuce Home

Achego Rescue Centre is located in Kenya in an area dominated by sugarcane farming. About 80% of the population rely on farm labour, small business, and small scale farming for their daily income. This area has also been widely hit by the effects of HIV/AIDS, leading to growing numbers of orphaned and vulnerable children that has overstretched limited resources provided for them by caregivers resulting in extreme poverty. Other factors include environmental degradation, increased crime, drug abuse, and alcoholism (especially in youth), high mortality rates, frequent floods, poor soil fertility, and high youth unemployment rates.

Achego Rescue Centre has been working with the local community to protect or rescue OVCs (orphaned and /or vulnerable children) who are most needy and at risk by providing the necessary essential needs such as food, accommodation, medical care, education, training, spiritual mentoring, and psychosocial support. The goal is to work towards the placement of the child back in the community. The home has been working together with the Tamu Child Centred Community Development Program to empower families and to provide safety nets for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Proposed 2020 Activities for Achego Rescue Centre:

  • Education will be supported to the enrolled OVCs through payment of school fees (to cover school uniforms and materials) for pre-primary and primary children.

  • Educational tours will be organized and extracurricular activities will be supported.

  • Extra effort will be applied to comply with the government’s regulations on alternative family care through rescue of children.

  • Five more rescue children will be added, for a total of 30 children.