What is being done?

In June and July 2017 diaconal aid flights were made to support Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) ministries to hungry Internally Displaced People (IDPs) who had lost their homes in the last flare-up of fighting.

South Sudan is a mostly undeveloped country, but largely lush and well-watered. Even when there is no fighting, roads are only seasonally passable dirt tracks. Most South Sudanese live on subsistence agriculture, building their huts near streams and rivers, herding, fishing and planting gardens. 

Wanding, South Sudan is a safe community away from conflicts in other parts of South Sudan.  It is in the northeast, on the Pibor river, across from Ethiopia. It is not a camp, but many hundreds of people have resettled there. More and more continue to arrive from other areas to flee the  fighting and insecurity. Often they have lost everything.

MERF partners with the local Presbyterian Churches of South Sudan (PCOSS). In Wanding, South Africa the congregations are ministering to the displaced people gathering in their communities.  The MERF-Lokichoggio Ministry Center Manager and MERF's Nuer Gospel Radio Broadcasters and most of those who have received MERF biblical training belong to the PCOSS and keep in regular touch with other PCOSS pastors and churches.  Local churches request assistance when needs are greater than they can handle. Local pastors, elders and church volunteers organize distribution to the displaced and most needy. 


Materials delivered (by air, from Lokichoggio):

  • Requiring multiple Charter flights to Wanding, Akobo & Old Fangak (safe areas near Ethiopia & Sudan where South Sudan IDPs fled fighting in Yuai & Waat)

  • 500 Blankets

  • 6 cartons Fishing Hooks

  • 10 cartons of Fishing Nets

  • Food aid (Maize Flour)

  • Used clothes - KS 80,000

  • 1000 Mosquito Nets (previously purchased & stored at MERF-Loki Center)

  • 350 Plastic Shelter for Waterproofing (previously purchased & stored at MERF-Loki Center)

CRWRF Contribution: $35,000

Prayer Requests

We praise God for the provision of the LORD of funds to enable support to at least some people.

The drought situation is very terrifying. People’s basis for living - cows and camels are greatly affected. Mothers and children are the most affected. We need your continuous prayer.

The aid we could distribute is insufficient for the need we saw. Please pray for the LORD to enable the government and the NGO’s to raise more funds to distribute more foods and medicine, especially for mothers and children.