What happened in Nigeria?

The ongoing Boko Haram insurgency in North East Nigeria has caused large-scale displacement of people, primarily from rural areas and villages into towns and cities in search of safety and access to services. As a result, high levels of malnutrition and food insecurity have been reported, particularly among the most vulnerable internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host populations.

What is being done?

In partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and ZOA, World Renew provided  5,250 individuals with cash transfers for five months. This cash is being given to the most vulnerable families – those who have been displaced by conflict, and those who were already living in extreme poverty. Families could to use the cash to purchase what they need most – food.With nearly half a million children at risk of famine in Nigeria, the scale of the need is massive and support is needed to continue this response.

Through WorldRenew’s membership at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, the hungry are being fed all over the world.  Thanks to the support of the Canadian government, CRWRF's  contribution to World Renew received a 4:1 multiplying match.  


CRWRF Contribution: $15,000

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