Project Overview

A community development project which focuses on increasing food security with community vegetable gardens and training for vulnerable individuals living in the Linguère region of North Senegal. The project builds on previous phases of nutrition and vegetable farming programming and programs focused on reducing deaths of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) due to malnutrition and HIV/AIDS. Many of the women supported are People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).


The project is in Linguère, Senegal. Linguère is in the mid-northern region of Senegal. The town has roughly 15,000 people. There is a post office, bank, market, health hut, and several stores.

Project Start & Partners

CRWRF has been supporting the project since 2017. CRWRF supports the project by partnering with World Renew and our local implementing partner Services Luthériens pour le Developpement au Sénégal (SLDS). 

Project Details

Originally, the project supported those families who have taken in orphans and vulnerable children by supplying formula for newborn babies, covering transportation costs for medical care, assisting with school fees, and providing health education to caregivers. Aid was distributed to the lowest income families or those with greatest need.

Over time, three community vegetable gardens were also established in three communities. Depending on what they grow, the women who garden here use the produce to supplement their family’s nutrition or sell the produce in the market for additional income. The project plans to establish seven more gardens.

SLDS also does several training sessions:

  • Training on sustainable agricultural techniques to farmers of all community vegetable gardens previously established with CRWRF support.
  • Training on community nutrition and cooking
  • ‘Positive Living’ events for People Living with HIV/AIDS.



Community vegetable gardens – three in three communities, and counting!

Community training sessions – on nutrition, sustainable agricultural techniques, and positive living with HIV and AIDS

Support of Linguère’s most vulnerable families – by providing formula for orphans and vulnerable children, assisting with transportation costs for medical appointments, assisting with buying medicine, etc.




High rate of HIV/AIDS in the community

High rate of maternal mortality: Mothers do not always get the prenatal care that they need, either due to cultural beliefs or suspicion of the medical doctors. Mothers are sometimes in labour for a long time and have lost much blood by the time they arrive in Linguère.

High rate of food insecurity: food security was severely impacted by the covid-related restrictions. This increased the number of vulnerable families in the area. Thankfully, CRWRF was able to support the most vulnerable with food packages during the food crisis.  



How can you support this project?

Support the families by emailing Marise Veldman at  or donate here.




Prayer Requests

Pray that mothers may be able to receive the prenatal and labour and delivery care they need

Pray that families who have taken in orphans and vulnerable children might care for them well

Pray that the gardens can produce good food and provide economic success

Pray that training sessions will be helpful to improve the overall health and well-being of community members

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