Summer 2018 Update - Tumaini

With thanksgiving we are able to report:

  • The children are doing well in school and enjoyed a two week break in May that allowed to them to be with  their caregivers, friends and extended family. This is part of bonding process with their families to ensure that reintegration is done smoothly and successfully.  
  • The registration of the children for health insurance has helped when the children have been sick and has significantly improved there well-being.
  • Education sessions have been held on general health and hygiene practices also reduced the spread of communicable diseases.
  • The children had the opportunity to attend church services every Sunday at the local church where they attended Sunday school classes. This has allowed for devotions each evening at the centre.
  • The school soccer team advanced to the county level – several children play on the team. One of the children is a leader of scout in his school and had opportunity to attend scout leaders meeting at Kitale Museum. The children were excited to take part in these activities and represent their school at different levels.
  • Since January 2018, the home has engaged in various farming activities aimed at food sustainability and income generation. During this first half of the year, vegetables, maize, beans and fodder for dairy were planted on the farm.


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