Senegal - Reason for Praise

I work in the community vegetable garden in Linguère. With the arrival of COVID-19, my husband, who is a molder, could no longer go to construction sites and in the end we had trouble feeding the family. However, I thank the Good Lord and this program which allowed me to have a source of income. So, early in the morning, I go to the garden to harvest hibiscus, then I water my plot and take the hibiscus to the market for sale. This way I make about 3000f per day [appr. 7$ CAD] which I use for daily family expenses. Also, with the distribution of the food and hygiene kits during COVID-19, I received a package of rice, milk, sugar and cleaning products. And that’s what helped me a lot during this difficult time. Without this garden and this kit I would have difficulty providing the 3 meals for my family. Many thanks. - Mrs S