Zisize Update

2019 Update

Food Parcels

Care workers continue to provide food parcels to needy clients, however they only contain a portion of the food needed for a family per month. Food parcels are given to the whole household, but often members with chronic illnesses get priority, since food needs to be taken with medication. Although these food parcels seem small, the impact on the client is immeasurable.  In six months, over 1,300 food parcels, including fresh vegetables from the garden, were distributed on a rotational basis.

 HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

When care workers visit the homes they are encouraged to give health education about HIV infection and how to prevent it. Care workers also encourage the whole household, not just the infected client, to be tested for HIV since all ages are at risk.  A joint awareness campaign is being planned for November 2019 with all volunteers, social workers, and auxiliary workers from both Mkhiweni and Denny Dalton.


Care workers reported that clients living by themselves had a harder time keeping up with taking their medications and having enough food. They also indicated that they would like to expand services into the neighbouring areas that are also in need, however budget restrictions do not allow them to do so. Government grants have also been cut back creating a higher demand on services.


Gardens in Mkhiweni

In Mkhiweni the water shortage has been a long standing problem, making growing a garden nearly impossible. But with the installation of the borehole in early 2019, the volunteers’ dream of growing a garden has been realized. Access to water and a thriving garden continue to provide fresh vegetables for the volunteers of this area as well as the surrounding community. They plan to expand the garden, however the lack of rain has made ploughing the ground impossible for the time being.