Zisize Update - May 2019


Food Parcels

Most rural communities that are visited by the Zisize Home Based Care volunteers are in desperate need of the help. They struggle to meet their daily needs due to high rates of unemployment and poverty. The people who benefit from the food parcels program include those who are sick and unable to leave their homes, orphans, or child-headed families. In most instances, the source of income for these households are grants or pensions from the government. Currently each Zisize volunteer receives only three food parcels per month to distribute to their clients as they see fit.


Water shortage

The main challenge faced in this region is a water shortage. Even in areas where there used to be water, it has become scarce. Mkhiweni is one the areas that has a severe water shortage, which has prevented them from being able to start a garden. However, water drilling and pump installation is currently underway after CRWRF donated funds for a borehole. This access to water will not only assist the volunteers of the home based care project to start their own garden, but will also provide a reliable water source that can benefit all community members.

Ithembalethu HBC and Mkhiweni  HBC

Once a month, the coordinator and volunteers touch base with the clients and their families and to assess the situation and also to follow up on reports made by volunteers during their visits. Twice a week the volunteers visit their clients to give parcels and assist them in taking their medication. It is encouraged that the volunteers teach the relatives and families of their clients how to take care of their sick family members.  Approximately 3000 visits have been done.

Regular Awareness Campaigns

The government and NGOs have heavily focussed on HIV and AIDS. Although this issue needs attention, there are other terminal illnesses like cancer and diabetes that kill many people and yet these have been neglected. We have also started to focus on disability in our awareness campaigns so that people get more knowledge on types of disabilities and also to take their children to doctors or other experts for assessment if they suspect abnormalities in their children.


The community of Mkhiweni will greatly benefit from the new borehole that has been initiated by Zisize Home Based Care, with funding assistance and vision from CRWRF. The project is under way and will be completed soon after dealing with some topographical issues.

The Mkhiweni project has lost volunteers, some due to personal reasons and others have passed away. Even so, the project hopes to increase its volunteer capacity from twelve to fifteen members. More volunteers will increase the operational capacity so that they will be able to cover the area more effectively.