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Fall 2019 Update - Mufu Rescue Home

Mufu Rescue Centre was started by the AIC church to support orphaned and vulnerable children who have been abandoned by their parents and guardians. Young boys drop out of school early to do farm labour, and are often exploited by their employers. Trafficking of young girls to Nairobi to become house helps is also rampant. The home has been working closely with the children’s office to put an end to these problems and allow children to continue to go to school.

Proposed 2020 Activities for Mufu Rescue Centre:

  • The number of children living in the home will be increased by five for a total of 30.

  • Family situations will be assessed, with family reunification as the end goal.

  • Children will be asessed and offered psychosocial support, spiritual care, and other social activities.

  • School fees will be paid for primary school children and education programs will be offered.

  • Healthy food options will be provided.

Farming activities like chicken and goat rearing, as well as fruit and greenhouse farming, will be taken care of by a farming assistant to allow for income and possible reduction in costs.