2019 Fall Update - Mali

Overall, the different program components have demonstrated a great impact on the lives of the participants. Since 2007, CRWRF has partnered with World Renew and AMAFEP (Protestant Church Women’s Association of Mali - Association Malienne des Femmes des Eglises Protestantes), working with orphans, families and married couples to address issues of healthy families, abuse and safety.  World Renew reports that more churches are hearing about the program by word of mouth and sending in their requests to join. This is the greatest evidence that the program is worthwhile. Two publications - Children in Danger and Cry of a Woman’s Heart - are helping participants with talking about issues through stories and discussion questions. The recent addition of audio radio lessons will enable the program to reach farther into smaller churches in the regions of Mali.

Testimonial: Hope through the Trauma Support Group

After the death of my father, making me an orphan, I experienced a lot of loneliness, sadness and bitterness in my social life.  I re-established a normal social life. I made friends with the other orphans. My social life normalized because the Bible teaching brought joy back into my life. My heart is now full, it is free from bad feelings thanks to the Word of God.

The death of my father left a void difficult to fill, [and] I struggled emotionally. This group is a rich support for me. They have made it possible for me to move forward and to live with courage. Being a part of this group I have gained an understanding of my value and importance in the eyes of God.

The death of my mother prevented me from living freely. This group has helped me regain joy and peace of heart. Thanks to the biblical teaching I have the courage to choose the good in life. God has created in me a spirit of sharing and collaboration. I have a happy life.

Participation in this group has improved my spiritual life. I learned to entrust myself to God and read his Word whatever the situation. He has also strengthened my mind.

The loss of my father was painful for me and I cried often. Because of this I became very withdrawn. I receive encouragement and no longer feel alone. The word of God supports me in my daily struggles and helps to overcome evil.

I have made friends and I am happy to come each month to be with my sisters. This is comforting to me. I am happy each time to follow the teaching. I now feel surrounded with support, friendship and understanding.

I lost my Aunt who was like a mother to me. I felt alone and sad.  I like participating in this group because I understand that life continues and we can speak freely about our grieving. The “Aunties” that teach us, give us advice and encouragement. I have also learned to forgive others.

Thanks to this group I have friends, I am supported, listened to, loved, I do not hold grudges, I am relieved I can speak freely, I am no longer withdrawn, I am content and happy. Thanks be to God and our “Aunties”.

Before coming to this group, I was very sad because I lost my father and brother in an accident. I was asking why?  This group has been a big help to me, I have learned many things which have helped me to overcome this ordeal. I have also learned that as a child of God, we all have problems, but we must not give up. We must keep going and stay attached to God.

Yes, I have had improvements in my spiritual and everyday life. The “aunties” are very encouraging and have good advice. I understand life, I am worthy and have relief from my grief.

I am here because of the death of my father. Because of this, I was struggling to continue my studies, the despair was enormous. In this group, I have learned to communicate with my Mom and to respect others. It changed my life in a positive way. This group has given me new hope.

This group has had a positive impact on my life: I was desperate but I understood that as long as there is life, there is hope. I am full of life and hope.

Testimonial: The Impact of the Married Couples’ Program and Cry of a Woman’s Heart

Wife: Thank God I have taken the seminar with my husband. His only friend is his computer. He comes home from work, and sits at the computer, often he eats late at night because of the computer. I tried to talk to him but because of the computer, there was no communication between us. He was always stuck to his machine. The day of the seminar, the speakers talked about the problem of computers and social media addiction. I was really happy when they spoke of it. Today, my husband has totally changed. Now every night we pray together and we talk together. I thank the Lord for this change.

Husband: There was never conversation in my home, and especially I did not talk to my wife. I was ashamed to sit with my wife side by side. After the training, I started to talk with her and express love. After I started this, I noticed that there is now peace and joy between my wife and me and in the whole family.

Wife: We found that there were families who could not pray together because of lack of communication, the wife and the husband never speak to one another and don’t talk with the children. We noticed that these families now are reconciled and have started doing family devotions.

Husband: Before the training, I was the Commander in my family. I made every decision and I wanted everyone to ask my permission to do anything. After the seminar, I realized I was doing wrong to my whole family. Through the teachings, I've been corrected, and I changed my way of doing things. When this change occurred in in my life, I notice joy and peace in my family. As a result of this training we started having a family prayer meeting every night before going to bed. I thank the Lord that this training has brought a lot of change in my home in our relationships with each other and God and our marriage.

Wife: Before, there was lots of arguing between my husband and me. But after the training there is a lot of harmony in our home. I am very happy and thank God.

My husband used to come home at night late and drunk. I tried everything but he would not change. But since he went to the training, he comes right home from work and not drunk. All is well in our family. He is now a loving husband and I am very happy, I thank God.

My husband never came to church, he would just drop me off and go home to sleep or go visit his friends. After the training, now it's him who comes to church early on Sunday to clean the benches and windows of the church. I am very happy to see him serve the Lord.