Student Profile - Barrack

Barrack and his younger step-brother were brought to the Achego Children’s Home in 2018. Their single mother had become mentally unstable when the boys were very young, leaving their maternal grandmother to care for them. However, the meagre income she earned from mending clothes was never enough to meet their needs. After the boys stole money from her, she sent them away. When the boys were found on the streets at night, they were taken to Achego Children’s Home. The boys were enrolled in school, where it was soon discovered that Barrack was a very good soccer player. His talent in soccer allowed him to obtain an educational scholarship that paid for all his secondary school tuition fees. The EBF was used to help with additional fees including the costs of boarding, meals, and other needs. Barrack is very appreciative of the assistance he has received and looks forward to excelling in his studies so that he can find employment to support his family.