BC Flood Relief

BC Flood Relief: just under 3 weeks ago many parts of southern British Columbia experienced historic flooding, leading to very substantial distress, property loss and damage, and disruption, the full effect of which is not yet known. There are many brothers and sisters in the Canadian and American Reformed Churches in the area that are part of this suffering. 

Four lead churches/deaconries [Pathway Christian Church (Abbotsford), Abbotsford Canadian Reformed Church, Yarrow Canadian Reformed Church and the Canadian Reformed Church at Sardis], have an understanding to work together to gather resources/funds and work to an equitable and proper distribution across all of the affected church communities, including those in Washington State. 

CRWRF is working with the lead churches/deaconries by agreeing to receive and receipt funds designated for these needs - and then have such funds directed and distributed as per the guidance of the lead churches/deaconries. 

The "ask" is that churches and members support as they are able and that all support is sent to CRWRF. Such contributions may be made online via www.crwrf.ca where BC Flood Relief is now "top of line" for donations. Alternatively, cheques may be mailed.

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