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Ethiopia Emergency Drought Response Distribution Report of September – October 2016

CRWRF had committed $30,000 to drought response in Ethiopia – the following is a condensed version of the distribution report we received after the monies were used.

This is the final phase of the emergency food support distribution, third phase was at the time of a conflict between the government and the people in different major cities and villages. Because of this conflict the distribution was held in the church’s compound. We thank God  for all who stood to remember the poor in  prayer and deeds. Galatians 2:10

What the people said about the aid they received:
This is like manna from heaven for us a family, we had almost nothing to eat, but now may God bless you we have some thing to eat.    – A mom from Tulu Bollo

I have something to eat. Thank you for those who helped us and sent us this bread. – Mother of five kids Gammade from Tulu Bollo

I am church pastor from Tulu Bollo for about ten years in Ministry, I never seen a hard time in the history of my ministry when you see people are starved and you are unable to support them, this ministry of yours supported us to give meaning for our ministry too.  – Pastor Megersa from Tulu Bollo

The very challenge in ministry is that when you see people in problem and you cannot assist them to come out of that problem, many people in our community as a whole has nothing to eat, as you know the government support is very small, and your contribution to it has a lot significant help for the beneficiaries.   – Evangelist Melkamu from LibenCukala




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