Shortly before Christmas, in the wee hours of Saturday December 17th, 2011 the tropical storm Washi caused massive flooding and landslides on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. Two of the worst hit areas were the port cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. As many as 1200 people were reported dead and many homes were completely washed away into the sea. It is estimated that almost 1 million people were affected, with 50,000 homes destroyed.

One month later, 26,000 people are still living in evacuation camps and another 200,000 in makeshift shelters or with family or friends. Pastor Melo of the Reformed Church of the Philippines, known to some of our ministers and professors, is pastoring a young congregation of less than 30 people in Cagayan de Oro. He reports that 2 of the families in their own congregation have lost their homes. As well, they are ministering to 12 families that lived on a small island on the Cagayan River which was completely washed away.

Now the work of relocation and rehabilitation of livelihoods is before these families as all land within 20 metres of the River has been declared a no-build zone. Even as relief is given and cleanup is underway, the rain continues to put them in a precarious situation.

CRWRF will be donating relief funds to this small church as they provide support for their church members and reach out to their community. We are also responding to the needs of the port city of Iligan through the Disaster Response Coordinators of the CRWRC. Please pray for a blessing on these provisions; that they might truly serve the needs of those who have lost lives, homes and loved ones and that the church of Jesus Christ may be a light on a hill in these cities as those who suffer seek comfort in this midst of trials. Matthew 25:34-36

CRWRF is accepting your donations until February 17, 2012. Any donations received after that date will be directed to our General Fund. If you wish to help, please ear-mark your cheque “Philippines”, payable to CRWRF, P.O. Box 85225, Burlington, ON L7R 4K4. Donate Now

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