Adopt a Child

Millions of children are left orphaned by AIDS. Children who no longer receive care from their parents need the help of others in order for them to grow and develop their God given talents.

The cost to sponsor a child in Achego Home and Tumaini Home is $40.00 per month. These children are fully cared for in the home and are supported until they have finished school.

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Thanks so much for your care!

Sponsorship Programs

In a loving Christian environment orphaned and needy children have the opportunity to attend school and learn life skills like farming, sewing and cooking.

CRWRF gives you the opportunity to choose from three child sponsorship opportunities in Kenya:

    • Achego Children’s Home
    • Tumaini Chidren’s Home
    • Tamu Project

The Tamu Project

This new project started by SREK in Holland is the new way to go in caring for orphans and vulnerable persons. The new community development projects focus on communities learning to help themselves and address the root causes of poverty. About 300 families will be attached to the Tamu project and it is hoped that after 5 years the community can be self sustaining. Assistance will be given in the form of small loans to start small businesses, lessons in hygiene, health, good farming techniques, crops, etc. The self help groups are community structures that link the community to other institutions for support and can be used to lobby for community services.
To support this type of program, sponsors will be linked with a family who will serve as a community ambassador, a representative of their community who communicates with the individual sponsors about the progress of the program.

Twice a year sponsors receive a letter or card from the ambassador telling how the grogram is impacting individual children and their families. The cost at this point is $30.00 per month.
For more information or to sponsor a child please go to Donations


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