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It’s hard to go through a day without hearing news reports of a food crisis, tribal uprising or the need for disaster relief in some country. Geographically these events may be distant from Canada, but with technology and the Internet, global issues are brought right to our homes. How can we prepare Christian young people to evaluate different responses to global poverty? How can students learn about other cultures and be aware of our ethnocentrisms? What does it mean to be a good neighbour to those who come from a different culture? “Global Awareness Perspective” is a guide prepared for teachers and home school educators of the Canadian Reformed Church Federation. Thinking about poverty from a Biblical perspective, the guide encourages Christian Educators to help children become aware of issues related to our global neigbhours and provides guidance in evaluating available curriculum.

The following group of resources contains a wealth of useful information. However, these resources are not necessarily written from a Christian viewpoint, so use them with discernment.

Mission Week Activities
By Tyndale School

A five day activity guide that can be incorporated into a intermediate/senior elementary grade school group study of different countries. This resource has excerpts and is based on a Bible Study Guide “Thinking about World Need” developed by James and Linda Baartse

Guide on Human Rights and Refugees

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has a teacher’s guide on human rights and refugees, as well as downloadable classroom-ready lesson plans, videos, activities and other resources.

World Bank Group

The World Bank Group has several downloadable resources for teachers with classroom-ready global development materials.

Global Classroom Resource Centre from CIDA

The Global Classroom Resource Centre from CIDA includes educational resources organized by theme, grade level, province or territory, and professional development activities organized by province or territory. Also includes links (http://www.feedingminds.org/info/info_links.htm) of other general teacher resources on topics related to global awareness.

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