Biblical Resources

This group of resources is written from a Christian perspective and contains various Biblical Studies (as well as challenges) on topics such as poverty and hunger.

Bread for the World

Provides materials to help understand some of the issues surrounding poverty.

Youth Site: Micah Challenge

Micah Challenge is a global Christian campaign, which aims to deepen our engagement with impoverished and marginalised communities; and to challenge international leaders, and leaders of rich and poor countries, to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and so halve absolute global poverty by 2015!

Canadian Christian Relief and Development Association

The CCRDA is building partnerships to effectively provide emergency relief, facilitate sustainable development, promote justice, and to speak with one voice on behalf of the world’s poor and disadvantaged peoples.

Wealth and Poverty
By Kirby Anderson

An excellent article giving a Biblical perspective on the use of wealth and the causes of poverty.

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